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You have no mery

You leave no room for mercy or compassion!

Question: I transcribe the criticism of a reader who accuses me of having no mercy in the answers of “Catholic Q&A”: What a pity that that you have reached so many people with your words who were looking for closeness, compassion, love and not condemning words (Jesus never did). Do

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believe in priests

Is it necessary to believe in priests?

Question:  Dear Father,  I think my problem is that of many Catholics, I find it hard to believe in priests. I have had many bad experiences meeting priests unworthy of their mission, who have little concern for the faithful, who are preoccupied with their own interests, or who are simply

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blessing, with which hand

The blessing, with which hand

Question: Does there exist Catholic regulation or formality or a type of biblical reference that obligates priests to perform blessings with their right hand, or is it indistinct if they can perform it with both hands? Is the significance the same? Answer: The hand, which among the parts of the

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Redemption and Salvation

What is the difference between Redemption and Salvation?

Question: First, I cordially greet you from Guadalajara Mexico. Blessed be God, I found this page that deals with topics that every Catholic should know. For my part, I would like to know the difference between ‘salvation and redemption.’ I would be grateful if you could resolve this doubt for

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Right Hand of God

Jesus is seated at the Right Hand of God

Question: A friend asked me, “How do you explain the statement that ‘(Jesus) is seated corporally at the right hand of the Father?’ In this case, who is seated to the left? Answer: The text to which you make reference is repeatedly taught in Sacred Scripture: “The Lord Jesus, after he

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Is it true that Catholics worship images

Question: Is it true that Catholics worship images? Answer: “Catholics worship statues!” Even though this claim is ridiculous, people continue making this accusation. They say that because Catholics have statues in their churches and pray in front of them, they are violating the commandment of God: “You shall not make

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late to Mass

When you arrive late to Mass, do you commit a sin?

Question: When you arrive late to Mass, do you commit a sin? Answer: The precept of the Church concerning the Mass says: “The first precept: You shall attend the entire Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation.” (Catechism n. 2042). “The entire Mass” indicates physical presence and attention. This

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leave the Catholic Church

How and why people leave the Catholic Church

Question: What happens when a Catholic leaves the Church and goes to a separate group? What are the causes, if they were showing a love for the Church and then suddenly leave it, immaturity or lack of commitment? Thank you for your reflection. Answer: With respect to your question, I

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