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How to educate the conscience

How to educate the conscience?

Question: Father: I would like to know more about the conscience and how it should be educated, and also what role morals and values play in it. I am a professor of religion and would like to know this for my students.  Response: The moral conscience is subject to a

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Forgetting sins in confession

What to do when we forget to say some sins in confession? Question: Dear Father: My oldest daughter just received her first communion, after which (at the prompting of the pastor) the parents of the children went to confession to be able to receive communion together with them. I had

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How to go to Confession

1. Before Confession Pray the following (it is not necessary to do so, but it can help you a lot): Jesus, my Savior, give me the grace to confess well in order that I may obtain forgiveness of my sins and save my soul. Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of

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