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God's plan, women

Where is the true respect for women?

Question: Dear sirs: I believe that many laws exist that are not applicable to modern life and that should be updated by the hierarchy of the Church. I am very concerned about contraception. As a married woman, I believe I have the right to decide my life; I don’t think

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I am not married, but I am good with God.

Question: What if I am not married in the Church but feel fine with God? Answer: I will speak to you as one who seeks your spiritual good and only your happiness. As you seem to realize, under the law of God, it is not right to live with someone

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Is it possible to marry a divorced person?

Question: I am asking this because my cousin wants to know if they can marry someone who is divorced. Thank you for your big help. Answer: Your question requires some clarification to be answered correctly. I will answer it as follows: 1) If the person was married by the Church,

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Contraceptives side effects

Do contraceptives have side effects?

Question: Do contraceptives have side effects? Answer: New studies show growing concern  WASHINGTON, Saturday, January 15th, 2005 ( – While governments and family planning organizations continue to support contraceptives, new evidence is emerging about dangerous side effects. In England, the Children’s Minister, Margaret Hodge, said she was in favor of

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parental rights

Can parental rights be lost because of abuse?

Question: My daughter became pregnant by her boyfriend. They were dating for three years. He was 24 and a student, while she was 27 and was working. When the baby was born, neither the guy nor his family wanted to take on the responsibilities of having a child. He continued

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Is Contraception a Grave Sin?

Question: When going to confession, a priest told me that contraception is a grave sin. At the time I did not dare to ask him if it was always a mortal sin, or if in some cases it was only a venial sin. Could you answer this? Answer: I must

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