What the
Church Says

About Marriage.
About Contraception.
About Confession Over Video Call.
About using Marijuana.
Morally Equipping The Faithful For Life.
can someone else besides a priest or deacon baptize a child when there is no emergency?
Can Catholics visit Botanicas, or Curanderos, or Albularyos?
When does a human being begin to be a human being? 
Is it true that contraceptives lead to fewer abortions?


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About The Catholic Faith.

Various Moral Topics.

Family & Marriage.

No one can escape
from the fundamental questions:
What must I do? How do I distinguish good from evil?

The answer is only possible thanks to the splendor of the truth which shines forth deep within the human spirit, as the Psalmist bears witness: “There are many who say: ‘O that we might see some good! Let the light of your face shine on us, O Lord’ ” (Ps 4:6).

|Pope Saint John Paul II


CATHOLIC Q&A is an apostolic work of the Institute of The Incarnate Word directed by Fr. Miguel Á. Fuentes, ThD

Fr. Miguel Á. Fuentes, ThD.

Fr. Miguel Á. Fuentes, is a priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, an author, speaker, and founder of world-wide online ministry. He has a licentiate in theology from the Pontifical University of the Angelicum in Rome and a doctorate in theology with a specialization in marriage and the family from the Giovanni Paolo II Institute of the Lateran University in Rome.