Expecting a child with disabilites

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Well, I would like to explain what happened to me. My name is Daniela, I am 23 years old, I am expecting my first child, I am 22 weeks pregnant, and it was detected that my baby will have multiple malformation problems. Nothing can be done, and the chances of survival are zero; I can lose the baby before 9 months or carry out the pregnancy, but with the same fatal outcome. I have nothing more but to wait for whatever God wants, but what can I do?  I feel a very great pain and bitterness. What can I do to calm this great pain I have? Please help me.


I understand your pain. That’s why I can’t think of anything better than sending you the testimony of another young woman who was in the same situation as you. She wrote it as a response to the wicked law that was passed in Argentina allowing the abortion of anencephalic babies; but what it says about the relationship with her child has a wider value.

Love of a mother

Dear Director:

My first baby didn’t live long, just 7 months in my womb; but she taught me so much that it is for her that I write this letter.

My baby had anencephaly. We knew it from the first ultrasound, and of course, we cried. We cried knowing that she couldn’t live outside of me, maybe a few hours, at most one day. Then we sat down to meditate and realized that my baby would have life as long as I protected her, that within me she could do it and that those 9 months would be all for her. And so, with my head high, I felt like the proud mother of my first daughter.

Time passed and I enjoyed feeling her growing and moving within me, and I was happy in her company for a few months. I was a mother for the first time, and in a very special way, of someone who needed everything from me to live happily. In the seventh month, one day I stopped feeling her. The stress of turning around had been too much for her and her heart stopped beating. And again I cried. We mourned her early death as any parent would ever mourn the early death of a child.

Faced with the ignorance shown by the legislators of the City of Buenos Aires, I ask myself: is allowing the death of one’s own child the way they wish to avoid the suffering of a mother? Wouldn’t it be better for her to be able to give her child all the love of a life, even if only for a few months?

María Mihura de Kenny

(Mrs. Maria Mihura’s note was published as a Letter to the Reader in The Nation Journal).

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