November 15, 2023

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Is it ok to do yoga?

Question: I need to know how dangerous the practice of Yoga gymnastics is for a Christian. What are the risks for me as a Christian

Is vanity always a sin?

Question: I would like to know to what extent vanity is a sin, both in men and women.  Response: Vanity in the strict sense consists

How can I help a compulsive gambler?

How can I help a compulsive gambler?

Question: I know a professional man, married with kids, very intelligent, who has had a very serious problem for more than 15 years: he is

What is liberation theology?

Question: Dear Fr. Fuentes, I was just assailed by a doubt yesterday when I listened to a radio program where the topic of “Liberation Theology”

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Threats to Hope

Threats to Hope

Question: The question I wish to pose to you may seem a bit particular, but it is about the virtue of hope: in our times,

Divorce - Jesus

Did Jesus Christ admit divorce?

Question: Does Jesus Christ teach that divorce is lawful at least in certain exceptional cases? How are Christ’s words in Matthew to be interpreted: ‘except