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Threats to Hope

Threats to Hope

Question: The question I wish to pose to you may seem a bit particular, but it is about the virtue of hope: in our times,

How to educate the conscience

How to educate the conscience?

Question: Father: I would like to know more about the conscience and how it should be educated, and also what role morals and values play

Forgetting sins in confession

What to do when we forget to say some sins in confession? Question: Dear Father: My oldest daughter just received her first communion, after which


What about cloning human organs?

Question: I would like to know if someone from this organization could help me. I need current information about the medical ethics in the cloning

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Divorce effect on children

The effects of divorce

Question: Father, a sister of mine has just divorced and has left her home with her four young children. My nephews are very hurt by

Contraceptives side effects

Do contraceptives have side effects?

Question: Do contraceptives have side effects? Answer: New studies show growing concern  WASHINGTON, Saturday, January 15th, 2005 ( – While governments and family planning organizations